T, stop obsessing about guys you can’t have, or guys who have fiancees.
D, bahahahaha
  • A: One of you smells really nice, but I don't know who it is.
  • S: I guess you just have to smell each of us then.
  • A: I don't think it's you or MS because I would know by now.
  • S: So it's M. M, come over here. A wants to smell you.
  • A: No, no I don't...
  • D: He's going to come to your doorstep with a rose and ask you to marry him and then you're going to fly to Vegas...
  • L: T, you're going to get married before me and R do!
  • .....
  • T: He said that if things fall through, he's coming after me. He has issues, man. I need to stay away.
  • M: He's been engaged twice? Omg, you're going to get engaged to him before me and S!
  • J: How was your meeting?
  • T: It was good! I'm defending in two months.
  • J to L: So can we sabotage her defense so she'll stay with us forever?
You said that if I proposed to you, you’d say, “hell yeah let’s do it”, but I’ve proposed and this entire time I haven’t heard any of those words together.
  • L: PMR, that should be a thing.
  • D: What's PMR?
  • T: It's a girl thing. You just wouldn't understand!
  • L: Guess what it stands for.
  • D: ... Is the R for rage?
  • L & T: YEAH!
toilet gun
  • L: Why's there a guy being hit in the head by a toilet on your shirt?
  • B: Oh it's from Half Life where they have these guns...
  • T: They have guns that shoot out toilets?!
  • lawlzzzzzzzzzzz
  • S: You'll meet your spirit animal. It's going to be a fox and it's going to talk to you in this Johnny Cash voice.
  • A: I really hope it breaks out a guitar and starts singing "Hurt" to me.
hot for teacher
  • L: You know, I'm sure there are a lot of guys who are into you. I'm not just talking about students either; there's probably some faculty too.
  • A: You think so? .... So do you think G would be into me?
  • L: Why didn't you tell me sooner? I could have introduced you!